Seneca Business 411

What courses do I need to take to graduate?

Each program consists of a set schedule of required courses. A set group of courses must be successfully completed in order to graduate from the program. Course availability changes from semester to semester and some courses have prerequisites. In some instances you are able to choose courses yourself from a list of options.

To help you understand what is needed to graduate and keep track of your progress, click on your program and download the Program Chart that relates to your program. Use it to check off the courses you have completed and identify any that you have missed.

ACC -Accounting

ACF – Accounting and Finance (Optional Co-op)

ACT – Accounting Techniques

AFP – Accounting and Financial Planning

APP – Accounting and Payroll (Optional Co-Op)

BAB – Business Administration – International Business (Formerly INB)

BAF – Business Administration – Financial Planning Specialization

BAG – Business Administration- Management

BAM – Business Administration – Marketing (Optional Co-Op)

BAO – Business Administration – Purchasing and Supply Management

BAS – Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Small Business

BBM – Bachelor of Commerce – Business Management (Co-Op)

BBS – Business (Formerly GBS)

BHR – Business Administration- Human Resources

BIN – Business Insurance

BMI – Bachelor of Commerce International Business Management (Co-op)

BMK – Brand Management

BMT – Business – Marketing

BUI – Business – International Business

CAB – Creative Advertising

EVM – Event Marketing

EXS – Office Administration – Executive

FCA – Financial Services Compliance Administration

FEA – Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting

FLS – Flight Services

FSA – Financial Services – Client Services

FSM – Bachelor of Commerce Financial Services Management (Co-op)

HFC – Hospitality Foundations

HRM – Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op)

HST – Human Resources Strategy and Technology Degree (Optional Co-op)

HTM – Hospitality Management

IAF – International Accounting & Finance

IBS – International Business Management

LES – Office Administration- Legal

MES – Office Administration- Medical

MKM – Marketing Management

PBS – Pre-Business

PRA – Professional Accounting Practice

SCM – Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

SMD – Social Media

TCS – International Transportation and Customs

TFS – Tourism and Travel – Flight Services

TIS – Tourism and Travel – Tourism Services Specialization

TLM – Tourism and Travel – Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Conferences & Events

TTO – Tourism and Travel – Travel Operations

Seneca Business 411