Seneca Business 411


  1. English Placement Scores
  2. Math Placement Score
  3. List of 2187 English Classes
  4. English Pathing Packages
  5. List of Macros on
  6. Full-Time/Part-Time Course Equivalencies for BAG, BAO, BAS
  7. How To Enter Hours on Timesheet
  8. How To Enter Direct Deposit Info.

Before adding a student to a course, CHECK the following:

  1. Academic or Course History– have they completed the prerequisite?
  2. Academic Requirement or Program chart — view required courses, affiliation to program, degree or diploma
  3. Skills Assessment Results — if they need English or Math
  4. Course Availability — make sure class is available to register student
  5. Permission–add permission for students wanting part time studies courses

Course Announcements



  1. Term Activation, assign cases to Registration Group queue if the Student Center under Academic indicates Eligible to enroll set to NO. Registration will review the account and respond to the student

English, GENEDs & Liberal studie

Keep In Mind:

  1. Any course sections ending with NEI, NEJ, NEL—designated for ELI students
  2. Any course section ending in NDC—designated for Dual Credit student
  3. Any course section ending with NPLA—designated for Prior Learning Assessment
  4. Any course sections ending with NGA –designated for General Arts
  5. Any Part Time studies language, starting with LGE course above a level 2 does NOT count as a Gen Ed.
  6. Do NOT add ACC, ACF, BAM, BMT students to ECN230 as a Gen Ed.
  7. Do NOT add business students that have BUS400 (e.g., BAM, BAG) to ECN550 as a Gen Ed.

Do Not Override any higher semester courses, assign these cases to the Student Advisor. 1st semester course in Math and possible English can be overridden if there is no available section. The following absolutely CANNOT be overridden:

Angela Group (FLS, FSO, GTB, HFC, HTM, TIS, TTO)

  • All TFS/FLS/FSO students must be enrolled in the designated FSO sections for both Geography course, FS0125 and FSO420

  • If the student is in the FLS, FSO, or TFS programs, they must enroll into FSO215 even if the academic requirement in the Student Center says TSA300

  • RV103 and TRV203 are for TTO, GTB, and TIS students only.
  • FSO425MFA is for Flight Services students only who have been accepted to work at Cathay Placement and WestJet
  • Please use the MFB and MFC section for all the other students.

Global Logistic & Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Semester one (level one) students will not be allowed to swap. Semester two students can swap (all of their subjects must be in one section) next week, if they find someone in the other section to swap with. They would need to come together to see Elaine, during her office hours.


Seneca Business 411