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Course Announcements – Winter 2181

The following are updates / announcements that apply to the Winter 2181 semester –

  • Dec. 13, 2017 Open Enrolment begins for Winter Term 2018 on Student Centre
  • Dec. 22, 2017 Fall Term 2017 classes end for Holiday Break
  • Dec. 25, 2017 – Jan. 1, 2018 Holiday Period (College Closed)
  • Jan. 2, 2018 Fall Term 2017 resumes
  • Jan. 9, 2018 Fall Term 2017 ends
  • Jan. 13, 2018 (5:00 p.m.) Final Grades Fall Term 2017 available on Student Centre
  • Jan. 17, 2018 Winter Term 2018 begins; Classes begin

School of Accounting and Financial Services

  • LSP700 Online Equivalency – RES480 (
  • Do not to enroll students in CWTs or CPP100/200 courses for ACFC, AFPC, APPC, or BAFC (CWT and CPP courses are requested by the co-op coordinators for Registration Advisors to load, once students are confirmed for their work terms.)

School of International Business & Management

  • This information applies to the BBS, BAG, BAO, and BAS programs only –
    • If a student is interested in taking part-time courses, please use the Full-time/Part-time Equivalency list attached (Fulltime-Parttime Generic.PDF)
    • Please be aware of the two versions we have for these programs (before/after September 2014). The easiest way to identify which version they are attached to is to check their Academic Requirements and see whether they have ICA001 in the first semester. If they do, they are in the old version. If they don’t, they are in the new one.
    • Please note that many of the courses from the old version have been ceased. Those students who still need some of those courses will need to take them as equivalencies. These are those courses:
      • BUS106 take BAM101 (day or part-time)
      • MRK213 take CSS300 (day only)
      • MSC310 take SMS310 (day only)
      • MRK320 take CRM400 (day) or MRK320 (part-time)
      • EAC394 take EAC594 (day) or EAC394 (part-time)
      • BUS206 take HRM742 (part-time only)
  • When students ask what courses they still need, you might want to direct them to their Academic Requirements. This is the note I send them:
    • “Please review your Advisement Report by following the steps described in this short video: You will be able to verify there your curriculum version and see what courses are completed and which are still outstanding. If you have specific questions please let us know, and we will be happy to assist you.”
  • Students who are interested in taking CAP500 in the fall term, and the class is full, can take instead CAP501, 503, 508, 400, or 308. They are all equivalent.
  • Students requesting to take MSC510, FIS403, QNM223, MGS521, IBM600, and Professional Options can be given these courses during the fall, although the chart shows that we do not offer semester 5 for the BAG program.
  • CAP500 is full. Students can be enrolled into CAP400 but not CAP505 (For Grad Certs Only).
  • BAM101-NCC / NDD sections belong to the Opticianry program and are reserved for those students only.
  • The following sections of BAM101 are part of a pilot project running in September and require departmental consent to be enrolled. Students should NOT be added to these sections until further notice.
    • BAM101NZX, online section / BAM101NZZ, NZF, in-class sections

School of Marketing

  • CAB Program classes – Override the following courses – CAB282, CAB200 and CAB214
  • Override TRV215MFA, as long as the student is enrolled in TRV220FA
  • Override TRV225

School of Hospitality and Tourism

  • Students can take TSA200 at the same time as TIS200 even though it does show a conflict. The placements course, TIS200 is offered outside of Thursdays and Fridays, and student work their placement hours around TSA200 or any other outstanding course they may have to graduate, so they do not need to come back an extra semester.
  • The following courses have been collapsed and replaced –
    • FIS320FA with TRV230MFC
    • HTM340 and FIS350 with TMS300
    • FIS400FB with FIS400FA
    • HTM408SA with HTM405 or TCS300.
  • New section for TCS200MTB has been added.

School of English and Liberal Studies

  • The General Education policy has recently changed. Instead of a literature course, students can take a general education course from any of our categories (including literature).  However, the literature is no longer a requirement for graduation. These classes can be found at:
  • List of Geneds, Literature, English course available –
  • EAC394 is no longer being offered at the Newnham and Markham campuses during the day. To satisfy a student’s requirements for their program, they must take EAC594, which is equivalent to EAC394.
  • Agents can override the following courses (only if students can’t get into one that is full) (Please check the assessment screen as well as the transcript before adding any English)
    • EAC150 (full-okay to override)
    • EAP300 (104 spaces left)
    • EAP500 (100 spaces left)
    • EAC149 (25 spots available)
    • TEC400 (full-okay to override)
    • EAC594 (full-okay to override)
    • ECN501 (full-okay to override)
  • The following English classes are only open to ECE students. The are zeroed out right now, but they should not be overridden unless it is an ECE student making the request –
    • EAC 150 NCG
    • EAC 150 NCH
    • EAC 149 NBO
    • EAC 149 NBR
    • EAP 300 NBO
    • EAP 300 NBR

Non Business Program Students

  • Cases for Non-Business Program students requesting to be Term Activated to take on English and General Education courses can be assigned to “Term Activation (Affiliations) – Newnham Contact (Rebecca)” on immediately.  These students don’t require approval from their Program Advisors.
  • Cases for Non-Business Program students requesting for a General Education course can be assisted through Business411.  Such cases don’t need to be sent to the Program Advisor.


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